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Scotland [2]: Isle of Skye 

- The Quiraing, Sligachan Bridge, Fairy Pools, Loch Harport, Kilt Rock/Mealt Falls, Loch Ainort, Glen Brittle, Uig, The Quiraing, Fairy Pools

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Asker clumsymooch Asks:
You mentioned that you believe Olaf is Beatrice's father. What makes you think that? Is it just the events in The End or are there other instances that support this idea?
armandsilvani armandsilvani Said:


Hi! Okay, this is a theory I’m pretty passionate about so first here’s all the evidence I’ve gathered:

  1. Dewey Denouement never mentions Kit’s pregnancy or the baby. He mentions Kit, but not their child? Seems a little sketchy to me. On the same note, Kit never calls him the father of the baby, implies he’s the father of the baby, talks about him and the baby in the same context, or suggests the baby is his. Neither do the Baudelaires. Neither does Beatrice II or Lemony. NO ONE EVER EVEN SUGGESTS DEWEY DENOUEMENT IS BABY BEATRICE’S FATHER. Including Lemony Snicket. Why do we assume he is?
  2. Olaf just happens to recite a poem about having children while he and Kit are dying on a beach and the baby is being born? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
  3. The baby takes the Baudelaires’ last name. Not Denouement. This implies that the Baudelaires—who, keep in mind, had the same information as us readers did about the baby, if not less—are uncertain of her parentage. If they thought the baby was Dewey’s they would have named her Beatrice Denouement.
  4. Olaf leaves the world just as Baby Beatrice is entering it. Seems symbolic to me. I know this doesn’t seem like much, but from a literary perspective it’s actual important.
  5. Lemony’s reluctance to meet with Beatrice II in The Beatrice Letters makes me think there’s more to her than even she knows.
  6. Baby Beatrice’s parents being Olaf and Kit would fit very nicely into one of the main messages of the book, which is that nothing and no one is purely good or evil. Beatrice II would be the human embodiment of the shade of gray Mr. Snicket paints everything in. She would be the literal translation of the series’s message.

Why do I want these fragments of unrelated facts to mean this unlikely thing? I suppose I’d like to think that Olaf’s life had meaning. That he brought something good into the world in the form of a lovely, resourceful little girl. And I think it’s very possible that Beatrice II is Olaf’s child. It makes so much sense with the theme of the books. She’s the daughter of a very notorious villain and a highly respected volunteer, the physical manifestation of her parents’ love, which bridges the line between volunteer and villains.

No matter what, it has to be admitted that there’s just as much evidence linking Baby Beatrice to Count Olaf as there is to Dewey Deneoument. I think there’s actually more. The only reason Dewey is assumed to be the father is because he and Kit had a romantic relationship. Well, so did Kit and Olaf, and it seems like the two of them have more history and a very deep connection.

Anyways, there’s my reasoning! Thanks for the dispatch volunteer!



You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle in your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

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  • Smile Like You Mean It, The Killers
  • Drive My Car, The Beatles
  • Sweet…

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  • Rehab - Amy Winehouse 
  • Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band
  • Scarborough Fair - Simon and Garfunkel
  • What Would You Do? (City High Cover) - Bastille
  • Jet Song - Original Broadway Cast (West Side Story)
  • Things I Do For Love - Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones score)
  • Something That I Want - Grace Potter
  • The Escapist - Coldplay
  • Tristan Un Isolde, Prelude - Richard Wagner
  • Cousins - Vampire Weekend

I would like to see armandsilvani, clefairydance, itsoktobewednesday, tallerthansnooki, dyslexicblastoise, strandedstmarkscitylights, prepstergrunge, fuckinmajestic, xlinop, and dtkordish do this too :)

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Oh God…

Me and music is weird.  Here goes.

  •  Secret of Mana Nighttime Evolution OC Remix by Harmony

The first song happened to be my top played song (435 times).  Remix from the SNES classic Secret of Mana.

It’s right here:

  • Finale - John Williams, Prisoner of Azkaban Soundtrack
  • Formations - Disasterpiece, Fez Soundtrack
  • The Dragon Boy - Spirited Away Soundtrack
  • Millionaire - Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack

Are you noticing a pattern?

  • Feed Me (git it!) - Little Shop of Horrors

Imma take a sec just to mention what a big fan I am of wish granting songs.  They’re mostly sung by magic blue creatures in Disney movies, but sometimes they’re sung by soulful carnivorous alien plant life on Broadway.  

  • Death - Disasterpiece, Fez Soundtrack
  • Gravel - Annie DiFranco
  • The Illusionary Room - LoZ the Wind Waker Soundtrack
  • Théme Bruno - The Triplets of Bellevile Soundtrack

I felt bad cause there were 2 songs from Fez and what’s up with that track called Death anyway? So I clicked one more and got a series of sound effects from Wind Waker (Get Baton Song, Open Small Chest).  The next proper song was

  • Heartlines - Florence + The Machine

Which is nice cause I’d probably tell you Ceremonials is my favorite album right now if you asked. Disclaimer: I do not pretend to have good taste in music.  

A lot of what I own is wordless soundtracks to listen to while writing.  If I already associate music with a movie/game then I’m more likely to buy it.  I LIKE other music, a lot, and I wish I had a broader collection, but I also find buying new music super personal and engrossing.  The last thing I bought was Lorde and and I’ve been listening to Pure Heroin on repeat for months now. Maybe I do that until I’m comfortable saying I have that song, that I own a copy of it.  I don’t know.

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This exists.

you can listen to azkaban ahhhh




I never remember to power on the fireplace when taking set update photos. :/ #mentalfloss #mentalflossset #dftba #rosietheriveter #mryuck #wonderwoman #legendofzelda #triforce #pokemon #felt #setdesign #maker #textileart #feltqueen #hashtag (at DFTBA Indy )

Awesome.  Is there a reason the Pokéball is upside down?  

Anarchy. Pure and simple.


meanwhile i’m asking the real fuckin questions

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